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There is Someone to Call: A Patient Care Volunteer

What if there was someone you could rely on when you needed a break? A kind, supportive person who understands what it's like to be a caregiver — someone you know will help?

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Any hospice patient can request a volunteer join their care team. We highly recommend including a volunteer because of the valuable support they can provide to caregivers and families.  Many of our volunteers were once helped by hospice themselves. They were caregivers to parents, siblings, spouses or children. They felt the same stresses and struggles you may be feeling right now.

Our volunteers undergo a rigorous training program which includes the same screenings required for our staff. Because of the extensive vetting process, families can feel confident inviting our volunteer into their home. Volunteer support is tailored to ease the stress on the patient, caregiver, and other family members. They can often:

  • Give "rest breaks" for tired caregivers

  • Keep patients company with social visits

  • Listen - Provide emotional support

  • Check in with friendly phone calls

  • Assist family members with small tasks

If you could use the kind of help a volunteer can give, please call us at (828) 879-1601 and ask for the Volunteer Director.